So at this time of year, the word ‘tradition’ is bandied around a lot, and I too have tried to incorporate little things into my children’s holidays which will make memories for them. One of which, was I Father Christmas always put a bottle of bubble bath in their stockings. However, last years were barely touched. The brand I used aggrevated my son’s eczema so much, it had to be put to one side.

Therefore, I was delighted when the lovely folk at Green People, asked me to try out their Bath and Shower Berry Smoothie. It is free from SLS and SLES, which are chemical baddies – there are known skin irritants. This makes this product very excema friendly.

One of my concerns was that it wouldn’t bubble enough for a bubble bath. Having used other natural products you tend to get a foam that dissipates very quickly: Not this one. Check out my son surrounded by all those bubbles! These are created from natural extracts derived from corn and coconut.

My daughter regularly uses it as shower gel and it smells divine. Not quite as fake as some of the other products on the market. This is as the fragrance is made from essential oils of raspberry, apple and vanilla.

The ingredients are just super: Aloe Vera, Yucca and chamomile – all well known to make you feel peachy soft. The kids’ skin is better, they smell lovely and they’re clean (until the next day!)

It is pricey at £8.95 but I find you don’t need to use much of their products and they do go a long way.

So there you go – a certified organic product for your stocking. Also Green People donate 10% of net profit to charity, so a good Christmas deed done too!

For more information on the product and the fabulous green people, please go to here


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