I began to work from home over a decade ago. In those days I lived alone (bar 4 demanding cats) in a beautiful Victorian apartment on a leafy avenue in a select area of Glasgow. My delightfully appointed office led off my living space and shared the clutter free and elegant feel of the very spacious garden flat. I worked at home for 3 or so days a week, and travelled for work another one or two days every week. It was fluid, adaptable and easily organised. If I needed urgent time away from work, for example hair and nail appointments or maybe some shoe shopping, I simply stepped away from my desk and left without so much as a backward glance or a by your leave.

As a photographer image is clearly important. Not only the images that I make of others, but the impression that I give to clients. This has become particularly so in the social media world and I work hard to cultivate and maintain an aura of creative, yet professional, capable, reliable, friendly photographer. I am especially lucky that I both live with and work with some exceptionally skilled photographers and I have a range of profile and press pictures that even fussy old me likes. My 4 favourite photographs are below and I am endlessly thankful for the skills of Andrew, Julie and Kristin – I think they have captured  the image I seek and they have allowed their camera to lie in my favour, just the right amount!

2013-03-05_0002 2013-03-05_0003

and yet.. times change, life moves forward. I still work from home. But now I am also a Mum and things are a little different. My office is slap bang in the middle of a mildy chaotic family house. I know that many of you will understand that juggling and plate spinning are higher up on my list of priorties than they were 10 years ago. To those of you who may enjoy the delights of working in the adult environment of an office away from home or to the decade ago single me who now asks me “what’s it like working from home, c’mon answer me truthfully….” I say

“You want answers?”

” I want the truth!”

You can’t handle the truth!”


…..at least not the truth of me at 10.30 this morning..I was..just back from a run, late for playgroup, sending images to a client, updating Facebook, talking to colleagues, my hair was still wet (but oh so stylishly wrapped), discussing plans for the day ahead with my husband, playing a very complicated game of animals and babies that involved said toys being arrayed “just so” on my desk and lap, being hilarious and just ever so slightly flirty on twitter, and paying attention to my 4 year old with every bit of my being (while she took advantage of perennial mummy guilt and entertained herself by using me as a living sticker board. 3 of these stickers were later discretely removed by other, rather more together parents when I arrived at playgroup a mere 45 minutes late), my office is no longer and elegant outpost of tranquility as is clearly identified by my expertly ignored teetering pile of laundry. And worse, much worse than all of that I was so so distracted that I have forgotten to suck my tummy in for the photo.

That’s working from home.

Rosie x



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