Having recently moved into a new office/studio/workshop space, I still seek the comfort and camaraderie of Truly Madly Kid’s virtual office on a daily basis. Set up during the early days of TMK, our secret group on Facebook is our creative HQ.  Our virtual office is how we connect; we discuss ideas, we converse, we share our thoughts and we support each other through all kinds of ‘situations’ – TMK related or not.

As you may or may not be aware, the lovely ladies behind TMK have never all been in the same room at the same time (we all met via a FB photography forum).  And as we are based all over the UK we needed a safe, secure and easy way to communicate effectively and quickly, both at work and on the move.  What we didn’t expect however, is how much we would all love escaping to our virtual office on a daily basis …

My fellow blogger Rosie, has already written a fab and funny article here on the perils, pitfalls and perks of working from home, but I thought I would write our Top Ten Favourite Things about working in a virtual office …. some points are serious, some are not, and although they are not listed in any particular order … if they were, my  Top Ten Number One would have to be number 3 or number 10 … or maybe even number 7.

  1. Not being constrained to the times of a ‘regular office’ and being able to check in wherever we are and whatever we are doing – in bed, in the garden, in the car or even on the job (keep it clean! I’m clearly talking TMK work commitments here before you think smutty thoughts you naughty people!)
  2. Being able to bounce ideas off other people – no idea is too whacky, no dream too big and no thought too silly
  3. Our ‘Diet Coke’ breaks are legendary … definitely NOT for family viewing!
  4. We can get & give instant feedback, although unlike other offices, we can take our time to create our responses, resulting in less (regrettable) impulse replies – particularly helpful for spontaneous and passionate people like me.  Boy, would I get myself into trouble if I always said the first thing that came into my mind …
  5. The opening hours of our office are very long… there is always someone there.  We have an early morning shift, a regular shift and a late night shift.  Being a night owl, I am regularly on the late shift … twit twoo …
  6. We regularly sit down ‘together’ and enjoy a glass of wine (or 3) … where else can you do that & get away with it?  As we always say – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
  7. Being able to work in your onesie and sitting close to the fridge is clearly yet another benefit of working in a virtual office.  I agree that this is also one of the benefits of working from home, but so important it has made it’s way into our Virtual Office Top Ten.  I mean, how else would be able to keep the wine chilled and drink it in comfort …?
  8. No matter where you are in the world, there are 6 other lovely creatives behind you – being your ‘cheerleaders’ in scary pitches, meeting and shoots. It’s like having a wonderful comfort blanket around you 24/7
  9. For me personally, I am able to be the most creative I have ever been and consequently, the happiest I have ever been in my working life
  10. Did I mention our ‘Diet Coke’ breaks …?

Whilst re-searching this article, we came across this hilarious cartoon about working from home from our friends at The Oatmeal.

And finally, if you work in a virtual office, we’d love to hear your story …

Love and blue skies

L x


Words:  Louise Bowditch

Poster:  Melissa Love