Fiona in Woolly Mammoth's HQHQ

Meet Fiona – she is the founder of a great craft company called Woolly Mammoth. Combining her love of craft with her desire for parents to spend quality time with their children, she devised these craft kits which come fully loaded with everything you need to make something with your kids. Genius idea!

She is a mum to Lucas 5 and Jules 6 and her boys are experts in helping test out the craft kits she creates.  They provided me with lots of entertainment on our shoot as they drew, stuck, cut, pasted and sprinkled glitter onto their badges. Her humble office is decorated like a craft Aladdin’s Cave – I stared dreamily at the wonderful packs and ideas hanging on the washing line around her desks in amazement. It was obvious from our first contact that Fiona is passionate about her mission to encourage more family time and no matter what the project, just enjoy the experience of making something together.

Here are some photo’s of the first craft project – make a club badge – that you receive when you sign up to the Woolly Mammoth Club. I could have stayed and crafted all afternoon. It’s so nice to take time out with your children and make stuff :).


Making the badge

Making badges

Making badges

Making badges

Making badges

Once you receive your craft kit you may find that the children will get excited and want to get stuck in! Other parents who have experienced Woolly have made up a shoe box of craft supplies at home with items in such as:

  • PVA glue and pot
  • Glue brush or spatula
  • Child safe scissors
  • Adult scissors
  • Pencils, crayons or felt tips
  • Double-sided tape (this is great if you want something to stick instantly)
  • Glue stick
  • Sticky tape
  • Paint
  • And it’s always handy to have something to cover your table!

Fiona has done a special Easter Ideas post on her blog which you can read here.

Remember, adventure is out there!

Nat x