Although we live in London, we are very lucky to have a little house by the seaside in Norfolk. It’s a real┬áretreat for us away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. We’ve been up to Norfolk all times of the year, but there is something quite magical about the winter on Brancaster Beach.

transactor beach in the winter



We’ve just spent six days over the New Year there, and although the weather was very cold, we were treated to beautiful bright sunny days; perfect for long walks on the beach wrapped up. It was certainly weather to clear those cobwebs out. For those who don’t know Brancaster Beach, it is a long stretch of sand, which is fringed with sandy dunes. The endless sand meets the endless sky – it has a really wild, expansive feel to it. Even over New year when many visitors were in town, it still felt empty.

Our favourite time to visit is mid afternoon, and staying until the sun sets. This also means we get that gorgeous golden light, which is magical for photography. Shooting into the sun, you get great silhouettes – giving more exposure to the shot makes the silhouettes stand out even more.

brancaster beach in the winter



Shooting away from the sun, your subject becomes bathed in the lovely glow of the light, it’s like an extra bit of illumination all courtesy of Mother Nature.



All we needed for a perfect walk was warm clothes and a football to kick about. The simple, ordinary things making the moments precious. The kids, us and the dog all managed to cleanse the mind, body and soul. In a world where we seem to be moving from one thing to another inordinately quickly, walks like this are really golden.


This winter on Brancaster beach has also been a little bit of relief for my daughter, who has spent most of the holiday revising for her 11+, so to go to the beach for a couple hours to practice her dance has been an absolute godsend. It’s good to clear your mind of algebra and complex sentences!



Are you a winter or summer beach person? I’d also love to know any tips you have for that fantastic golden hour and sunset photography.




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