What I’ve seen and booked in London

There is always something to see and do in London, and actually it can be rather overwhelming and also give a huge sense of FOMO! Therefore, I am sharing what I have seen and booked in London. Obviously, I am always looking for new things to do so please do let me know of any of your great finds!

What I have seen:

Much Ado About Nothing – The Globe

In my 18 years of living in London, can you believe I have never been to The Globe? It is quite the most magnificent building: It was restored faithfully to its predecessor and merely being in it is an experience, before any acting even begins.

Secondly, I was so thrilled to see that you can go to The Globe and stand in the yard for £5. To me, this makes it a completely accessible and affordable experience, just as it should be.


The play itself, was a delight. In fact, at parts my ribs ached from all the laughter. The play has been transported to early 20th century Mexico and the revolution, with great colour, music and movement. It is running until October 15th, and definitely worth a visit. We stopped off in Borough Market before and after for drinks and street food – the perfect night out!

Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Scent at Somerset House.

My friend booked this for a group of five of us to go along, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it’s an exhibition of smell as oppose to your sight. After an opening display of some iconic scents including Georgio and CK One, you are led on a journey of 10 scents which are breaking the boundaries of what a perfume can be. With minimal focus on the display, we were encouraged to focus on the scent, and had a notecard to record what we thought we could smell.

what i've seen and booked in London

what to see and book in London

Smells conjure up such memories and nostalgia: The scents reminded us of church, the seaside, Grannies, mums and tobacco! It reminded me that a scent tells a story as much as it is a part of a make-up routine.

This is an exhibition which pushes convention and certainly discussion-worthy. It is only on until the 23rd September, so catch it if you cab

What I have booked:

Fireworks ‘At the Movies’, Brockwell Park

Now the weather has a nip in the air, and the leaves are crunching under the feet, all thoughts are definitely turned to Autumn! This also means bonfire night, and very excitingly we are booked to go to Brockwell Park to see the Lambeth Fireworks. I know the kids will love this: There is a movie soundtrack inspired firework show, live entertainment, a funfair and 20 street food stalls! What is not to like!? Tickets are already on sale, so get them quickly!


Pinocchio – The National Theatre

Every Christmas, we try to see a show. Last year, we went to Peter Pan and the National and loved it, so we’ve decided to go to this year’s show at The National, which is Pinocchio. We are particularly looking forward to this as it is being bought to the stage from the same team who also bought us Matilda, The Musical and The Cursed Child. It is also a fabulous place to visit: The view from the top bar is just beautiful.

national theatre, pinocchio,

I’d love to know what you’ve seen and what you would recommend, so please do leave your suggestions in the comments!