For those who follow the blog, you know I have a beautiful daughter. She was just a little girl when I began this blog, and suddenly she has entered her teen years. I have to say, what to buy a 13 year old girl for her birthday, proved troublesome! But, she was immensely pleased with her gifts this year, so I thought I would share the gift list to help inspire you.

Wireless Speaker

She loves a bit of music, and especially when her friends are in the near vicinity. We decided to buy her Ultimate Ears Wonderboom bluetooth speaker, in unicorn colour way (obvs!).

These speakers are waterproof, so great for the beach, rainy days and so forth. My teen actually took hers sailing, and when they capsized it simply floated …

They are also drop-proof, so also good for putting in the backpack during cycling, skiing and so forth.

The sound is brilliant, so much so we’re thinking of getting our own …

Love Island Bottle

Just like most of the population, she too was addicted. Therefore, having a personalised love island water bottle was TOTAL GOALS!

Curling Tongs

The teen has a pretty good social life, with plenty of parties and social engagement, therefore her hair has to be curled and on point. After watching her plait and twist her hair to achieve those curls, we decided she would probably quite like a curling tong …

Gift vouchers

One of my teen girl’s favourite activities is shopping, therefore the more vouchers she has in her armour, the better … favourite outlets include Accesorise, H&M and Brandy and Melville.

T shirts

This is more often than not the outfit of choice with some legging. Favourite t’s come from Jack Wills and Abercrobie and Fitch.

Xbox game – The Sims

The Xbox tends to be the domain of my son, but it also belongs to her. The one game she loves and will play on for hours is Sims 4, I personally find the voices slightly (very) annoying but she can’t seem to get enough!


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