As I write this I am told it is ‘World Sleep Day’ and yesterday it was, apparently, Steak and Blow Jobs Day (I prefer Fillet and Fellatio Day…)… what I want to know is:

Who decides what day it is?

Is there a central place to register your day?

Can I have a go at a special day?

I get where all the religious festivals come from, although I am starting to think that Christmas should be renamed International Spend as Much as You Can and Eat as Much as You Dare Day’, and there are saints days, public holidays, hardship awareness days etc etc etc. Our mums do wonderful things for us and so I like the celebrate their efforts each year and I would do the same for Father’s Day but my dad thinks it was just something made up by the card companies to increase revenue (I still send him a card though). But, who decided on a national Bring your Daughter to Work Day? How did they get that ‘out there’? And, most importantly… When can I have a go?

When should National Champagne and Chocolates Day be?  Where can I register ‘Be Nice to Your Village Post Mistress Day’?

What would your Special Day be?

Penny x