I’m Vix, or Victoria – totally depends on what day it is or what I’ve done to deserve the latter. I live in the gorgeous seaside resort of Southport in the Northwest of England.

I have two terrific and beautiful daughters, Scarlett (9) & Violet(5) who keep me constantly entertained with their razor sharp wit and their social schedules are probably on par with, well, nothing I have ever had! I am also a host mum to  two international students living with us for an academic year, Malin (18) is from Norway and Diana (18) is from Italy. Our home is a hectic one but a fun one.

I love to create, it’s what I do best, and to accomplish this I use many different platforms; photography, computers, writing, Photoshop, crafting, sewing, DIY. I love to organise too, so combining my talents to be a freelance Operations Manager at Model Me Salons and head designer at Radwraps is a fabulous way earn a living. When I’m not there I’m researching,writing, tweeting, networking, & photographing for Truly Madly Kids.

My likes and dislikes are vast, but here’s a few to give you an insight into what makes me tick.

  • I love, love, love movies. (some of my faves…Star Wars(NOT the new ones), Contact, The Usual Suspects, Something About Mary, Dodgeball, Minority Report, The Hangover to name a few).
  • I like to cook but I LOVE to bake. No one is allowed to eat anything at home until it’s been photographed. Last year I treated myself to a Kitchenaid classic mixer. It takes pride of place in the kitchen and no one else is allowed to use it…yet.
  • TV shows about the supernatural (if it’s got vampires, werewolves or aliens in it then it’s on my Sky+).
  • If I was a superhero I’d probably be GADGET GIRL.
  • I love astronomy and sometime soon hope to photograph the Milky Way and the Northern Lights.
  • I hate vegetables but love fruit (and no Mum, I didn’t grow out of it).
  • I love to travel. I spent a few years living in the USA and New York is probably my favourite place on earth.
  • Champagne and Chambord, frozen Margaritas or and ice cold Coca Cola are my drinks of choice.
  • I’m a dreamer.
  • I love to drive. Big bad cars. I await the day when Top Gear needs a female presenter.

I’m particularly proud of this image.

If you’d like to talk to me, ask me a question or send me chocolates, then email me  I cannot tell you how devoted the TMK team are, we are all committed to making it a huge success and hope that you follow and support us on this fabulous journey.

Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix Ward


“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.” ~ Carl Sagan