I can’t think of anything that typifies the eccentric and quirky, more than the ancient tradition of Morris Dancing.  Dressed in colourful clothes and crazy hats the Morris Dancers bash sticks and jingle bells whilst dancing to vibrant tunes …..

One beautiful and sunny evening, at the beginning of May (May 1st to be precise), I was attending the birthday celebrations of one of TMK’s partners (Baytree Beauty), when I stumbled upon a wonderful sight.  When I arrived in Wickham Square was ‘swimming’ in a sea of brightly coloured waist coats and ringing to the sounds of jingling bells.

I couldn’t resist taking some photographs of this brilliant British May Day tradition.





Love and blue skies

L x

[stextbox id=”tmk-box”]  You can read all about Wickham Morris Dancers here [/stextbox]

Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photographs:  BlueCloud Photography