Valentine’s Craft Activity

Christmas is now but a distant memory but last week you would have thought Santa himself had just made a visit to the TMK Northwest HQ. A brown box  full of crafty goodness arrived for us from Craft Merrily as Truly Madly Kids are part of the Bostik Bloggers Club & Tots100 for 2016. Full of beautiful paper, material samples, stick on hearts, ribbon,  glitter pens and, of course, Bostik glue, time for a valentine’s craft activity.

Our theme this month is Valentines. Scarlett & Violet (ages 10 & 6) had a long conversation about their plan of attack and decided that I shouldn’t be involved AT ALL! Nice eh? It’s actually quite difficult sitting on the other side of the room whilst there is crafting mayhem happening a few feet away. The result? Very impressive. I did just happen to have some wooden letters that I was ‘going to do something with but never quite got around to it,’ so the children commandeered those and started to outline and cut and stick and argue and argue some more. In the end they chose to do 2 letters each. (plain mdf letters are 1.99 each from ebay)Bostik Blogger, valentine's craft activity 2016-01-22_0009 Bostik Blogger

Scarlett, without, prompting mentioned to me that she liked using this glue because it was coloured white when she was first using it but then dried clear so it didn’t ruin her design! Well played Bostik.

Seeing as my involvement was purely down to taking photographs I asked the children to write the instructions for you guys. Here goes…..

  1. Have a root through mum’s craft box.
  2. Hatch a plan.
  3. Get the best pieces of paper first.
  4. Find a pencil that actually has some lead in it to draw around the letters.
  5. Cut out the letters.
  6. Use the glue to stick the paper to the letters. We used our fingers to schmush it around but you could use a paintbrush too.
  7. Carefully line up the paper and stick it to the letter.
  8. Leave the letters for a couple of hours for the glue to dry.
  9. Decorate the letters using more glue, stickers, material and glitter pens.
  10. Make mum breakfast and decorate the table with our lovely word.
  11. We love you mum!!

Easy peasy, now get on with it!

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Craft supplies were sent to use free of charge for us to take part in Bostik Bloggers 2016.