Making Valentine’s Chocolates using an Ice tray

Now we’ve wished January goodbye and welcomed in February, it’s time to approach the next seasonal event: Valentine’s Day! Now, I am not a massive fan, I don’t need huge, extravagant presents to know the other half loves me, but it’s still nice to have a little gesture. Even more so, a homemade gift is perfect, and this little chocolatey treat is perfect for all the family. It’s easy enough for the kids to make, and effective enough to be a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing gift! Read on for easy Valentine’s Chocolates using an ice tray!

What you need:

Milk (or dark, depending on your taste buds!) chocolate

White chocolate

A silicon ice tray with heart shapes!


Melt the milk chocolate, and fill the ice cube tray half full.

Put in the freezer, until solid

Melt the white chocolate

Fill the ice tray to the top with the white chocolate

Pop in the freezer again until solid.

Pop the chocolates out, and if you can’t wait, eat! If you can, put into a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon to make a sweet little valentine’s gift!

Have a look at the video tutorial over on our Facebook Page, or on our Youtube channel!

Let us know if you give these a go, and any easy Valentine’s gifts you may have!

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