Those who know my blog will know we love to ski. We took our children for the first time when they were 6 and 8 to Val D’Isere. After a few more holidays in Alpe D’Huez, Les Arcs, Whistler and Val Thorens, they are becoming pretty confident on the slopes.

We mainly try to find accommodation that we can ski in and out of, but obviously this isn’t always possible. This means you have to lug the kids, their equipment and your own to the slopes. This bit of skiing is less exhilarating than the whizzing down the slopes bit …

Recently, Trixski got in touch and asked if we would like to road test their ski carrier. As two experienced skiers, they knew that often the worse bit of the holiday was the carrying of the skis. Therefore, they designed something to make it easier to carry your cumbersome skis.

The Triski is made from material not dissimilar to that of seat belts. It has two velcro ‘cuffs’ at each end. These cuffs wrap around the end of your skis and poles, and essentially, a strap is created, so you can sling it over your shoulder, or in the case of my teen, across the body, and off you go! The strap also has an adjustable shoulder pad to make it extra comfy!

trixski, ski carrier

Attaching the carrier us very simple, it takes a matter of seconds. What we did find, particularly with the children’s slightly smaller skis, that the velcro was harder to fasten so the skis were totally secure. To begin with, the skis slipped from the carrier. This was more getting used to the carrier, as oppose to a design fault though. We also learnt later, we could attach our poles to the carrier which is why it may have been slightly slack!

My daughter’s complaint was that you need to take your gloves off (poor lamb gets cold fingers easily!) to attach, she didn’t find it easy, even with the rubber pulls, but as the carrier was quick to attach, frostbite didn’t set in!

The range has expanded, and there is now a family kit, so up to four pairs of skis can be carried.The products take up very little space, so easy to throw in a backpack or pocket whilst you are skiing.

The Trixski that we reviewed is £19.95, and there is free shipping for all UK orders.

We’ve added the Trixski to our essentials when we ski, and I’m always keen to discover new products that make skiing even easier with children, so do you let me know if you have any great discoveries!

I was sent a Trixski to review, but all pictures and opinions are my own.

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