We’ve all been there, you’ve finally booked the holiday, the date is fast approaching and then the panic descends as  you realise you have to face the ultimate challenge of packing everything you need for a week into as small as space as possible. What to do? Emily has written a guest post from SportsDirect.com all about this very subject for our lovely TMK readers below. She shares some top tips on how to make the whole thing a lot less stressful.

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Travelling with kids can be both fun and stressful. Making sure you’ve packed everything you will need without over packing can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips and ideas on keeping your luggage minimalistic and cutting costs along the way.

Get Organised

Before you pack you need to think about what you need, and what you think you need. Over packing is something we’re all guilty of, but with rising baggage fees and limited weight allowances, avoiding hefty baggage fees is a must. Planning your packing is the easiest way to organise yourself. Write a list of everything you could possibly need, then go through and cross off everything you can make do without. Some items you may be able to buy whilst you’re away, such as things for the beach.

Keeping Children Safe

When you’re travelling you will encounter lots of new places, all of which are unfamiliar to you and especially to your children. At the airport there will be lots to see and lots of other tourists so before you jet off take a few minutes to talk through some holiday rules and make sure your children know how to stay safe in foreign places. Sticking by you at all times and not wondering off alone, along with not talking to strangers and look but don’t touch pretty much covers it!

Packing Tips

Packing efficiently and optimizing all of the space available will enable you to pack everything you need, without having to squeeze things in and desperately try to close the zip. Fold heavier and thicker items and pack them first, then roll thinner layers of clothing and fit them in the empty spaces available. Use the spaces inside of shoes to put socks and underwear as these items will not need folding. Place heavier objects just above the wheels to help distribute weight evenly.

Money Saving Tips

Many holiday companies offer ‘free child places’, read the T&C’s and find the best free place deal. Some offer free places for children up to 16 years old and some may include flights in this deal.

If you’re travelling as a family, pack one large suitcase for all of you. Using the planning and packing tips above will help you get everyone’s belongings in one case without going over your allocated weight. Paying for one set of luggage will save you baggage fees on each person flying, which can add up to a great saving!

Remember, you’re also allocated around 10kg of hand luggage, so make the most of this extra space. Let the kids take their own little suitcase to get them involved in the experience of travelling.


So to get the most out of your family holiday, be prepared, make sure your children are aware of their new surroundings and be space savvy when it comes to packing! Optimize all of the space available but remember, if you’re planning on bringing home lots of souvenirs, save some suitcase space for the way back!


Emily Matthews works in ecommerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specialising in luggage and suitcases, to advise and inform travellers and those interested in travel. 

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