It’s been another busy year, over here at TMK, and as ever we couldn’t do without you! We are fast approaching 250,000 page views on the site, which is incredible.

There have been some changes here, and Nat, Vix and Melissa have all moved on. I am sure they will all pop back, we can’t get rid of them that easily! Vix, before decided to pursue new opportunities, write a fantastic post on her AMAZING holiday to the South Of France with Canvas Holidays.

I’ve already reflected on my 2017, and it’s very much shaped our top ten this year! However, interestingly, we are now a very established blog, and it’s funny how many old posts from years gone by creep back into the top ten. It just shows what a great source of continual information a blog can be! Interestingly, there are some that appear in both 2015 and 2016 top tens!

10. First, up at number 10, is the ever popular post on Katie Morag! Katie is now a stalwart of children’s television, as the enduring popularity of this post proves this!

Katie morag

9. Next up, is an older post from Rosie’s husband, Woody. He retells his mother’s recipe for coffee buns. This is an exceptionally moving post on how food can conjure up so many wonderful memories. Go have a read, and maybe have a tissue handy.

coffee buns, coffee buns recipe

8. One of the original aims of the blog was to promote and give exposure to up and coming British brands. One such early client, was the wonderful Poppy Dresses. Clearly, they are still very popular with their customers as there have been lots of hits on this post this year. Their beautiful printed dresses prove ever popular, and due to trademark issues they know trade under the name Palava. Have a look at their website, they make some truly gorgeous clothes.

poppy clothing, palava

7. I’ve always loved music, particularly live music and started going to festivals as a teenager. My children have got in there eve quicker, and for the third year running, we attended Wychwood Festival. You guys loved this post, and I hope it has inspired you to get visiting a festival with your children.

wychwood festival. wychwood

6. The Christmas lights in London are best seen on foot, and my walking route post from 2016 received many hits once the 2017 festive season began!

christmas lights london, regent st christmas decorations,

5. Hands down, our favourite family holiday is skiing. We go every year, and in 2017 we visiting the wonderful resort of Les Arcs 1950. This was one of the best resorts we’ve visited as a family, and I cannot recommend it enough.

half term holiday in les arcs

4. This year the blog has definitely been dominated by my illness. I learnt an awful lot from being ill and just how amazing this thing called life is. I will be living my life in full swing, and we should all take a moment to be grateful that we are indeed here. What I learnt from being critically ill was immensely popular, and thank you for all your good wishes.

3. This is another perennially popular post: How to do Legoland in a busy half term! Clearly, we are all looking to find ways to make visiting this brilliant theme park a little easier at peak times. I hope this post helps!

heartlake city legoland windsor, legoland in half terms

2. Year out, year in we all struggle with what to give the kids for tea, and I am delighted that my adaptation of mini chicken ramen which my kids first tried at Wagamamas receives so many hits, year after year.

mini chicken ramen, wagamamas, wagamamas at home, kids supper, kids tea, cooking for kids,

1. I am delighted to announce that our most read post was my retelling of my cardiac arrest and the importance of knowing CPR. I am so pleased that I managed to raise awareness, and I hope it inspired many of you to go and get first aid training. I’ve seen so many adult and children going along to first aid courses and this fills my (slightly poorly) heart with absolute joy.

CPR, life saving CPR,

CPR, life saving CPR

Thank you for being such wonderful supporters of the blog, and here’s to 2018!

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