WOW! That was a crazy one.

Those Elves sure know how to spend their summer break. Mrs Claus has banned everyone from using Facebook for a while and Mr C will never, EVER, want to see a bottle of Tequila again but, all in all, the mid summer Pole Party was a huge success.

What we all came away with was the knowledge of some of the things our mini me’s will be coveting this Christmas. We can all lie and pretend that it doesn’t bother us if our offspring don’t get what they scribbled on their Hot Chocolate spattered Christmas List, but I, for one, will have my elbows strategically placed to fend off the competition, and the heads up a few months early certainly helps with the cashflow.

So, grab a pen and paper and click on through the links to get familiar with those must have Christmas gifts for 2013, as determined by The Entertainer Toy Shop.



  1. Doc McStuffins Doctor Bag Set
  2. LeapPad Ultra
  3. LaLaloopsy Loopy Hair
  4. Monsters University Sully Mask
  5. Turtles Flingerz
  6. Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18
  7. Air Hog Atmosphere
  8. Hexbug Nano V2 Hurricane Set
  9. Silly Moo – Coming soon
  10. Innotab 3 – Coming soon


Some toys that may also be popular are…

2013-08-09_0002I know that Christmas isn’t all about the presents but, like it or lump it, it kind of is to the kids. I remember only two presents that I ever really wanted and my world was complete when I got them. A Cadbury’s Chocolate dispenser – you had to put 2p in it and it would dispense a teeny weeny bar of Chocolate. The other was the Simon game – oh how I wish they’d bring it back. You that Santa? Hint Hint.



Think big and reach for the stars,