I’ve noticed that each year it’s the same. When the first born breaks up for the Easter Holidays, no sooner have we got home, the uniform gets ceremoniously dumped in the bin and the summer dresses get pulled out of the box and hung up ready for the expected rise in temperature and much shorter socks. I am loathe though, to buy new school shoes this late in the school calendar. Never do I mind buying my kids any other form of footwear BUT having to buy school shoes twice in one year really irks me. It’s not because they get crap shoes either, it’s just incredible what kids do to their shoes. Incredible. First born is now of an age when she actually knows what she’s wearing. She is sensible and aware enough that she would actually wear the latest range from ASDA but she’d much prefer the latest designer type creations.

There’s only one shop we can go into around us that sells the latest must haves, Zapatoes. Sometimes, I have been known to take a different route so that they won’t ooh & ahh in the shop window. Bad mummy! It is a fab shop though, and Diane and Richard always have a warm welcome for their customers. What you need is normally what you can find and if they haven’t got it I bet they’ll get it for you.

You might not think you need one now but wait until you see the picture below. That ISN’T a bag!



It’s a lunchbag! How cool? Upon seeing it I knew I could never send my girls to school with another lunch in a Tesco carrier bag ever again. Fully insulated and looking stunning this is the best lunch bag I’ve seen in a long time and would persuade her to have packed lunches instead of hot dinners for the summer season. Paired with these gorgeous, stylish and comfortable patent shoes from Step2Wo, a fabulous British company, it would also ensure that I could use it when working at the weekends. Selfish cow, I know!

Use the link below to go and visit Zapatoes. You can also see their colourful ranges of satchels and bags that they can send to UK mainland addresses. They also have a fab range of Converse, Skechers & Lelli Kelly shoes now including a range for boys, Super Jump. Tell them TMK sent you.

Enjoy your summer!

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Think big and reach for the stars!

Vix x