When racking my brain on how to make my son’s first birthday portrait special – he is a seriously photographed little chap you see – I thought a cake smash would be a super cute idea.

How difficult could it be?

Cake Smash_001


1. Lay a waterproofed table cloth on the floor of the room you are using.

2. Take one utterly adorable, chunky monkey and strip him down to his nappy.

3. Take a big, gorgeously, gloopy cake with sprinkles for added pizazz.

4. Place baby in front of cake and…

5. FIGHT! 🙂

Cake Smash_002

If you fancy having a go then my sensible tips for you would be to have a clean up plan on standby and a second pair of hands is always advisable where toddling babies, cream, chocolate and cake are concerned. A room temperature cake smashes best so don’t just grab it straight out of the fridge and have a cake cutter handy to help baby to grab a handful if they are struggling. Don’t be too worried about capturing smiles, I think that look of, “My God my mum is mad” and curiosity is just as cute. 🙂

I must say, Rocco didn’t go quite as mad with the cake as I had hoped. Hey, kid it’s not everyday mummy let’s you play with food! He seemed to prefer the clean up operation – bath time in the kitchen sink. Pest! 🙂

Cake Smash_003

Cake Smash_004

Be lovely!

Jordanna x