housing crisis, not in our back yard

The more time I have the harder it is to manage it.

I used to work over 8 hours a day in an office. While there I planned my day of meetings and tasks with hourly precision. I fitted domestic duties in before and after and I even went to the gym most days. The house was clean and tidy, there was always food in the fridge and I had a cracking social life. I had a planner that meant I scheduled and prioritised like a demon and somehow I fitted everything into twenty four hours each day and included sleeping, time to read and holidays.

So what has changed?

I wasn’t self employed and trying to build business by being available for  everyone at all times of the day or week. I wasn’t fitting in appointments that I knew would over run in at the convenience of others so that I could make some money and worrying that I would lose business if I said no.

I wasn’t slavishly chained to electronic gadgets that  stole my time. I didn’t keep up with people on Facebook, I actually phoned them, and although I might be on the phone for over an hour at a time it was actually less time than I now spend having a life that is far from real and depends on others entertaining me with their own on-line presence. Candy Crush had not been invented. I tell myself that I need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al for my business (and I do) but they have replaced a lot of real life for me as well.

I was out of my house far more and therefore the time at home was precious and had to count in terms of domestic chores. Now that I know I will be at home there is always tomorrow, which we all know never comes.

I was younger and had more energy. I watched lots of TV but somehow I seemed to do other stuff as well. I went to bed at nine so that I could read for an hour before sleeping, now I stay up till 10 watching screens and check my emails before I go to bed! I didn’t NEED a Nanna Nap before I went out to get me past midnight. I slept well as I was physically tired and wasn’t worrying about how I would fit everything thing in this week.

It’s interesting that I used to have a diary with lots of things scheduled in on a day. Now one thing in there on a day means I look to the next day with nothing. Anything worthy of a diary entry is a major event now. I see this in the way my parents think too, if Dad has a dentist appointment at 10am then that is them booked out for the whole day!

What am I going to do about it?

I am going to buy a bigger diary… one with more space on a page so that one event doesn’t fill an entire day.

I am going to limit my time on the computer and there will be be no electronic gadgets after 9pm.

I am going to ring people more and ‘message’ them less. Typing takes longer than speaking and open to misinterpretation. I shall keep my Facebook time to mornings while I am tied to a desk anyway and during soap operas that need little attention anyway. I cannot be without my soaps! In short, I need to make sure I have less ‘screen time’ get ‘unplugged’ and get a life!!!!!

I am going to plan my chores into my diary and prioritise my to do list – OK – this is highly unlikely to happen but for the time being let’s aim high.

I am going to set myself working times and schedule people into them rather than try scheduling my life around them. No more passport pictures twenty miles away at 5pm on a Saturday evening making me late for the one and only party I have been to in ages!

So, where do I buy a diary for this year in mid August?????



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