Sealed with a wax stamp with the initials FC from Father Christmas, the excitement started the moment Darcey’s personal invite arrived in the post….

I’ve always loved Christmas and now having our little one makes it all the more special.  Unlocking those precious memories of the past, LaplandUK was the perfect way to live the dream and really capture the magic of Christmas.


Check-in was by the Elves who were really pleased to see Darcey, thanking her for arriving to start work with them.  It started with a husky group sticker and we were off!… got to love a sticker!

The theatrical start really got all the small folk (Elves’ words for children) and the big folk (us) ready for the magical adventure. The small folk all helped to push the door open and team Husky were in….

Their work commenced, making Pinocchio wooden puppets, stuffing teddy bears, dressing ginger bread men with Mother Christmas all with excited Elves making every step a joy to behold.


After their work was done they were lead through the snowy woodlands to a little village….Ice skating, real husky’s, the post office to write and send letters to Father Christmas, everyone smiling, this really was a winter wonderland.



Snowy pathways created the magic Elf tracks to follow and the last one wound it’s way deeper in to the forest to the final event, the one Darcey could hardly wait for…. it was time to meet Father Christmas… The Elf took Darcey’s hand and led her, the only child in view; this didn’t feel like a mass production. Darcey felt so special skipping with her Elf to visit the main man. Question after question, after question in the way only excited 5 year-olds can ask were cleverly answered by the Elf, it was time….Come in Darcey, I have been waiting for you. I know you love singing and dancing will you perform for me…… Great surrounding, attention to detail and not being rushed made Darcey’s time with FC very special. Father Christmas was very impressed with the worm (street dancing term) Darcey performed to order!


Well what a day, memories forever and as we walked down the last magical Elf path back to the car, little Darcey was so excited. Father Christmas, the Elves and LaplandUK created something very magical. This magic was real I could see it in her eyes.

A little slideshow to get you in the festive spirit…

Love Hayley x