On April 20th this year (my birthday for anyone that wants to send diamonds), an Xtreme Storm will be descending on my hometown of Southport. Whereas, normally, this kind of news would see me running to the store for supplies and more tins of beans, this storm will be bringing with it lots of men (and women) in shorts no less, to commence battle. So what is it? What’s all the fuss about?

2013-04-09_0002Xtreme Storm is a UK first, a fantastically tough and challenging urban assault course but like none you’ve ever seen. It consists of 18 gruelling kilometres, 35 merciless obstacles, it starts and finishes in Victoria park and if you dare to take part it’ll take you through the iconic parts and landmarks of this wonderful Victorian seaside town. I have an inkling though that you won’t be stopping to take in the scenery. This WILL be brutal and is certainly not for wimps! All of the obstacles have been designed and built by ex military personell and are designed to get the best, mentally and physically, from anyone that takes on this amazing challenge. Televised WORLDWIDE on Channel 4, ESPN & SKY SPORTS, showcasing our town to the masses and bringing in much needed entertainment and tourism, Xtreme Storm is already planning to take this event around the country and possibly abroad. Can I get a YAY! for a genius idea?

This is one of the tamer obstacles!

This is one of the tamer obstacles!

The mastermind behind all this is Jonathan Cunningham and his fantastic team over at Storm Consultancy. With a military background, the knowledge and the contacts, this event will prove to be super exciting, empowering to those taking part and excellent entertainment for those of us watching. I’m almost a tad bit sorry that I’m not taking part myself but I know that I wouldn’t even make over the first obstacle. Maybe next year? I am though, volunteering, in fact there’s a couple of hundred Storm Troopers (cool, no?) helping out on the day and making sure everything runs smoothly. There will be an entertainment village on Victoria Park (this will be the start and finish of the race) and you’ll be able to find plenty of refreshments and things to buy here too. Please though, let us have some good weather – although, bad weather means more mud! The photo opportunities will be endless 😉

Xtreme Storm - The Killer Route!

Xtreme Storm – The Killer Route!


Dare you?

Dare you?

If you can, come on down, up or sideways to Southport for the day, bring your family, bring presents 😉 and see what all the fuss is about. I guarantee a fab time come rain or shine.

[stextbox id=”tmk-box”]ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? Go visit the XTREME STORM site and enter today! [/stextbox]

You can join them on Facebook here too.

Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix x