At the moment, although still only 1 year old, my son is madly into dinosaurs. I do wonder where he got it from so young…and then my mum reminded me, “Probably from bloody Peppa Pig” – I guess she is on to something there!

Anyway, wherever we go a dinosaur comes with.

See here…


Here on Instagram…

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Here at Dinosaur World…




And here…That morning was especially great as it was this little raptor that woke me up. When the boy wrapped it round my head. Nice one!


You get the gist!

When I came across an image on the ever inspiring Pinterest of monster coathangers I thought, I’m going to have a bash at that!

So here they are:

Monster hangers-12

And here’s how to make them.

What you need:

– Coloured card

– White card or paper

– Felt Pens

– Pritt Stick

– Magic Tape – just Selotape that sticks invisibly (I love the stuff!)

– Some scissors

– Either an imagination or Google monsters/dinosaurs for some inspiration!

– As many hangers as you wish to cover


How to make your ROARsome hangers:

– Draw carefully around a hanger.

Monster hangers-1

– Cut out the hanger shape about an inch from your line…you need this space for it to slip onto the hanger. You may add tails or horns at this stage…but be aware that if you add horns you probably won’t be actually hanging any clothes from them they will merely decorate your child’s wardrobe. Tails are best if you want the hanger to remain practical!

Monster hangers-2

Monster hangers-3

– Once you have done this use this hanger shape as a template for the other side of the hanger. Draw around it and then cut it out.

Monster hangers-4

– Decorate your monster/dinosaur as you wish…go as wild or as scary as you like.

Monster hangers-5 Monster hangers-6 Monster hangers-7 Monster hangers-8 Monster hangers-9

– Use magic tape to stick the two sides together. Ensure you have left enough room at the top for the monster to fit over the hook of the hanger.

Monster hangers-10 Monster hangers-11

Very simple, very effective and very cheap. A great rainy day activity I am sure you will agree. And you never know if you have slightly older children it may even encourage them to hang their coat up…rather than dashing it down on the floor. You live in hope! 🙂

Monster hangers-13


Jordanna x