It’s quite normal, in our house, to come in from work or school and flop down in front of the TV for a bit. I’m no supermum and I’m not ashamed to say that I do use the TV as an ‘I just need some time to myself” tool.  20 minutes a day recommended viewing time? PAH!!! I laugh in your face do-gooders!

One afternoon after school the house was eerily quiet. I was getting the kids a drink and a snack but there was no TV noise, no iPad noise, no Candy Crush bombs exploding, no nothing. On further exploration I found the kids snuggled on the day bed with the oldest reading a book to the youngest. Yay!!! That day Scarlett’s school had been visited by the author E.R. Reilly.  He travels around the country, visiting schools and reading his own books to the children. He shared his passion for reading and writing which has clearly rubbed off on a lot of them. His inspiring words have, so far, had a profound effect on Scarlett – the evidence being piles upon piles of half written stories all around the house. She might even finish one but I’m not really bothered about that, i’m just glad she’s learnt the art of getting totally lost in a book. I don’t read as much as I’d like due to the fact that NOTHING else gets done whilst that book is in use.


Not one to miss an opportunity for Truly Madly Kids, I sent a note to school the next day to see if there was any chance of Mr Reilly giving us one of his books to give away to one of you. Guess what? He said yes, and sent home The Real Boy Wizard. It has nothing to do with potions or broomsticks, but his powers take him on adventures with dinosaurs and pirates and vampires and superheroes. He even becomes a wrestler on the TV.


To be in with a chance of winning this book I’d like you to tell me what the E stands for in E.R. Reilly and also tell me what your favourite book is and why? Send them to We’ll pick a winner next Friday.

You can check out a list of all of E.R. Reilly’s published books here and see what he’s working on next by clicking HERE.

Get lost in a book today 🙂


Think big and reach for the stars,