My son is a mummy’s boy, for sure. BUT there is another…er…’woman’ in his life. Problem being, I don’t really know when/how/where this love affair started and already just 4 months in it is driving me INSANE!

So who is this mystery ‘woman’?

It’s Peppa Pig!

Up until 8 months or so ago – I had heard of PP (how we refer to HER in our house) but I naively thought that we would be strict parents with regards to TV and that we wouldn’t condone or encourage fads or obsessions. The thing is that Rocco saw PP once and from then on in was addicted. I mean well and truly addicted. He, if allowed, would sit and watch it for hours on end…barely without blinking. It is quite terrifying. We were so wrong. He found PP and is now an addict.

Peppa Pig Addict_001

So what is it about this little pink, gobby at times, piggy? Is it the sweet and simple stories; the mischievous looks; the soft, appealing colours; the catchy theme tune; the repetitive discourse – “Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles, we all love jumping up and down in muddy puddles!”; the cute friendships or the amusing accents (my personal fave being all round one woman show and superstar, Mummy Rabbit). Whatever it is – it is a phenomenon and a great achievement for the creators.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 00.28.02

The thing that gets me most is that my boy is only 16 months old. He doesn’t have friends that have told him about it, he can’t read the TV guide or Radio Times reviews, or all about what a pest PP is in the Daily Mail. He didn’t hear word on the street that she was super funny and that he should tune in too. He literally saw it once and is now hooked. What makes it work so well? Why has it clicked with millions of kids worldwide – news this week that it has just hit Russia too? I don’t know, all I know is that it is very clever and I love her too! Arghhhhhh the pig is out of the pen…I feel so relieved to have admitted it…*snort snort, rolls on the floor laughing!*

Peppa Pig Addict_002

So, anyway Rocco has gone Peppa Pig ‘cold turkey’ this week – which hasn’t been easy cos PP is literally everywhere – bags, toys, Easter eggs, DVDs, cups, wrapping paper, duvets…but we are slowly getting there and he is starting to realise that their isn’t a 24hour PP channel and just by passing me the remote doesn’t mean his best chum will appear.  No instead, usually a book and a bottle. 🙂 Nor is he allowed to watch it through an iPod, phone or a computer. He knows if he wants a slice of her then she is always just a arms length away in my handbag. No more kiddo. It’s either me or the pig! (I think if he were talking I’d be scared to ask him that, for fear of what he might say!)

Have any of you found yourselves trapped in a black hole of Peppa Pig? What is it about her? And will she knock Tesco off the top spot in her quest to conquer the universe?….Mwahahahahahahahaha*snort*haha!