Scarlett Blog Profile PicMy daughter wanted to write something for the TMK team so I’d like to introduce you to my first born and the youngest guest blogger we’ve had so far. Enjoy, Vix x

Hi, my name is Scarlett. My mum is a part of the TMK team. Whilst they’re working on a internet empire I’m going to make a minecraft empire. That is what I’m going to tell you about today . You might of heard your kids talk about it, but I’m here to inform you all about what it is. Now it’s time to talk serious.

Minecraft is a computer game. Basically it lets you build whatever you want with lots of square blocks simulating lots of different materials like rock, grass, diamond, coal, iron and many more. You can build towns, houses, games, cars, roller coasters, castles, so many things. This can be played on iPad, iPhone, PC,  Xbox,  laptop and Minecraft is for all ages, my mum even plays it but I have to tell her what to do ALL the time. You can build anything that your mind creates as long as it’s made out of blocks. The picture below is of Minecraft Steve, he is who you control to build things.Minecraft Steve

Minecraft is massive all over the world and if you need to learn how to play it then you can go on YouTube to watch 1000’s of tutorials. Mum has to know what I’m watching but my favourite ones are by a guy called Joseph Garrett or he’s better known as Stampylongnose in Minecraft world. He was recently interviewed on the BBC telly about how popular he has become ( he now has over 2 million subscribers) and after I watched that I ‘built’ the BBC studio complete with cameras. Do you like it? When I grow up I’d like to be an architect so I think this is good practice.The BBC Studio built in Minecraft

There are two ways to play the game,  survival or creative. In survival you can die and you get limited  items and blocks. In creative you have whatever you want that is in the game and nothing can attack you. I normally play on my iPad but sometimes I play it on the Xbox with my friends and we can visit each others worlds online. It’s very cool.  Unfortunately you have to pay separately if you want to play Minecraft on different devices. It costs £5 for the ipad game, £17.95 to play on the laptop and the same, I think, for the xbox. (Editor’s note: Mum is soooooo good to you Scarlett) 

That’s enough chicher chatter from me. So now you know a little bit more about it will you let your children play on it? It’s educational! 😉

View Stampylongnose Minecraft tutorials HERE

Visit MINECRAFT here


Thanks for letting me blog about this! How did I do?