Wall to Wall, are one of the UK’s leading independent production companies with a reputation for making intelligent and sensitively made content.  Wall to Wall are most well known for making programmes such as ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and the hit family reunion series ‘Long Lost Family’.

They are now in the process of making a new series for BBC 1, ‘The Gift’ (working title) which is a programme that will help people try and make amends for something that they have done or express their gratitude to someone that has changed their life.  For many people it is often not possible to do this themselves – the person they want to thank may be a stranger and they don’t know how to find them – or perhaps they can’t find the courage to make an approach alone.

With a team of professional mediators, psychologists and experts in tracing people, the programme will help put these people in touch, help them find a gesture or gift that represents their feelings and support them through a meeting.

They are currently trying to find people who may need their help.

They hope to include a range of different stories within the series and have been looking for the inspirational stories of individuals who have been successful or turned their lives around. The programme may appeal to those who are able to draw on particular moments and people significant to them and would now like the chance to say sorry or thank you. In the business world it could be the kind gesture that helped someone on the road to success or the opportunity to make amends where success has come at a cost.

If this is something you can help with then please get in touch directly on the contact details below.



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