Did it really happen? Did seven ladies from all over the UK manage to co-ordinate diaries, childcare, work commitments and arrive at the same place for 24hrs? Yes it sure did and we are still buzzing from the best meeting up experience. So I thought I’d write a collective piece about it here.

Fowey is a wonderful place, and it’s also Melissa’s home. She tempted us down there with tales of real Cornish pasties, wonderful sandy beaches and the micro-climate of somewhere more riveria like in temperature than elsewhere in these shores. Sadly, the reality was we had freak weather conditions which equated to heavy mist obscuring any chance of a view across the beautiful bay on day one – typical hey? Thankfully this lifted the following morning and we were treated to our first proper glimpse of the coast.

First order of business post arrival and “hello’s” was drinks – and we all seemed to think very much alike as bottles were unloaded along with camera gear and other treats onto the kitchen table. Melissa treated us to a wonderful selection of treats including the most delicious Thai style fish cakes which we’ve pleaded for the recipe to – watch this space as I hope we can get her to share it on the site. Bunting was put up to decorate the garden (thank you to Vix’s lovely mum who makes these – find out more here), food was laid out, bottles popped and we all chatted like old friends. And this would be no different to any other gathering of friends except for one very key thing – this is the first time we’ve ever met as a team. A few of us have met up before at training sessions or photography events like SWPP but never have we all met. Yep – this team of seven women have created, written, photographed, designed and launched our lovely site onto the Internet without ever having met up till now – pretty cool we think and a huge project to undertake with dodgy Skype connections which made us sound like Darleks on our first conference call and legendary Diet Coke breaks in the TMK Creative HQ. We will be sharing more about our adventures to this point in a separate post, but you can see that we were all pretty stoked to be able to finally meet in person.


Melissa’s two gorgeous girls joined in the fun and games and I set up some sparklers in the garden to try out some shots. Here’s what they got up to.


After an evening of chatting, laughing, drinking and more laughing we staggered (literally Fowey has very steep hills) back up to the wonderful Fowey Hall Hotel which would be our haven overnight. We managed not to attempt the zip wire which clearly states not suitable for grown up kids, not walk into several gorgeous wrought iron benches on the approach and think we’d seen a barn owl – sorry you just had to be there to fully understand the hilarity of that night.

After a wonderful sleep, we awoke to a clear bright Cornish morning and were rewarding with simply breathtaking views across the harbour. I have to admit to not being that impressed by Vix’s jolly good morning wake up which involved throwing open all curtains at 7:30am, but that is due to the stunning hangover I had managed to inflict on myself! We all met up for breakfast downstairs a little shell shocked that we’d actually all made it and ready for a great day two. Jordanna’s wonderful mother had come along with her baby Rocco, who delighted me with chase me games around the large dining table in the breakfast room and we all sat drinking (not alcoholic this time) our various teas, coffees and juices and enjoying a splendid breakfast together.


So, day two. Lots to get through and lots of positive energy and creativity to capture. Not an easy task! But we did it and were pleasantly surprised by how close to our vision we are and how well we’ve managed to stick to our mission. Over three hours, a few scones and lots of discussions we were done.


Time for a trip into town and a visit to the beach :). Rosie was on a major road trip from the Isle of Skye with her friend Jo who had flown over from Canada to meet up. It was their first meeting and I’m sure Rosie will be writing about that experience in another post! We are an adventurous bunch and it’s fascinating to get to learn our stories and develop our friendships.

Melissa took us for a real Cornish pasty en-route to the harbour. It is a wonderful little town and we meandered down to a little beach to set up camp before the tide came in and we had to sadly say our goodbyes and head back.

DSC_5488 2013-05-10_0004

Remember, adventure is out there!

Nat x