Image use with kind permission of the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing – Image use with kind permission of the BBC

I adore the sunshine, I really do, but I am not ashamed to say that, for this telly addict, I do a little jig of joy when the nights draw in and the Autumn descends on us. Cosy nights in combined with blankets, hot chocolate and pyjamas make for one happy mama and snuggly kids.

It’s quite cringeworthy watching the audition stage of the X-factor, but we do always watch it, remote in hand, so that when it becomes embarrassingly too much for my cringe factor I quickly switch channels to lower my heart rate. How are some of these people so totally deluded of how amazingly crap they are? It’s great entertainment though, the live shows are far easier for the Fambo and I to watch and in recent years my talent for guessing what Gary or Simon will say has increased somewhat, so much that the kids think I actually know them and have pre show Whatsapp chats with them.

Strictly is the show that we love the most though and on September 7th it returns to our screens in all it’s camp and glittery glory. Texts have been sent, people have been tagged and giggly, sniggering conversations have been had at work regarding the presence of a certain celebrity in this years line up.

Image use with kind permission of the BBC.

Steve Backshall – Image use with kind permission of the BBC.

For those of you with kids of a certain age you may have been forced to watch, at some point, a program called Deadly 60. As the title implies it’s a nature show giving a countdown of the deadliest creatures on the planet according to the show’s presenter, Steve Backshall. It actually is a very interesting and informative show which gets better when there’s an animal that lives in water. This is normally the part where Mr Backshall removes numerous items of clothing and joins said creature in the water. It’s at this point that the TV gets my full attention and the kids start laughing at me, rolling of eyes ensues, screenshots get taken and some other mums in my contacts list receive a welcome message. Oh come on, I’m wise enough to know better and old enough to not care.

So, join me at the weekends as I will be live tweeting during Strictly Come Dancing using #tmk #strictly. Tell me who your favourites are and who you think will win.

Oh yes, good luck to the other 14 contestants too.

Think big and reach for the stars,