This is a very quick dessert to whip up that is a real family pleaser, good value, child friendly (to make and scoff) and pretty too.


What you need:

*A tub of vanilla ice cream – you could make your own. Follow this fab recipe here…or you can cheat like me and just buy a tub! I am more of a savoury/mains type of girl so more effort goes into these courses…honest! 🙂 Anyway…don’t judge me!

*A lemon

*A punnet of strawberries that you have chopped up and frozen ready to use in this recipe or fresh ones – like I prefer – although this will give the ice cream a more moussey texture. Thumbs up in my house!

*A jar or at least a big ‘glob’ (technical term) of lemon curd.

*Some meringue nests. For eight people I used 4 nests.

How to make it:

Empty the ice cream – home made or otherwise – into a mixing bowl. (Make sure your family guests see you with said ice cream in the mixing bowl then they will think you have made it from scratch! 🙂 ) Leave it to melt a wee bit so that you can stir it.

Lick the spoon. Greg Wallace style! 🙂

Chuck in the fruit, a big spoon full of lemon curd or two, and crumble up the meringue.

Fold together well.

Have a cheeky taste – add more lemon curd for a cheekier citrus twang.

Distribute into pretty glasses to serve and pop back into the freezer until required.

Dress with a little crumbled meringue and a fresh strawberry on top.



Yummy yummy yum!

Rocco, my son, ate his from the paddling pool…


and washed up in novel fashion too!…


Anyway – back to this gorgeous sunshine and lots of splashing. Happy days!

Splashing - Jordanna Marston Photography_0001

Be lovely!

Jordanna x

PS Yes they are his real eyelashes – You have eyelash envy don’t you ladies?! Me too! 🙂