A combination of bad weather, bad timing and just the down right January grumps had meant that our little family was starting to go a bit stir crazy by last weekend. So on Saturday morning, with a new fall of snow and soft Skye sunlight we bundled everyone off for a walk in the woods. Being me I brought along my camera (well, it just feels like part of my right arm now!) so I could steal some images of the children playing in the snow. I even let my husband turn the camera on me for a few shots. Part of my mantra about family photography is don’t pose for the camera, and never say cheese! Also do be in some photographs with your children – those will be the images that they treasure most in the years to come.

There are snowstorms forecast for this week and I can’t wait to get out there again with the family. I’m hoping for some sledging dog photos next time.

Our word of the week is SNOW!

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