What dad isn’t going to like a thoughtful homemade gift? Surely no dad anywhere would be left hankering for yet another pair of socks, some comedy pants or some more golf balls?!

Golf gear was always a go to-last minute panic-staple in our house and randomly one year I insisted on buying my dad a pink bow tie – which he still has in the box in his wardrobe. (My dad really isn’t a bow tie kind of dude.) Anyway, fact was I panicked.

Well panic no more! I have wracked my brain and scoured the internet to find you some ace DIY projects to make for Fathers’ Day: (NO EXCUSES – BACK AWAY FROM THE NAFF MUG!! 🙂 )

To start here are some cool activities that you can encourage for a bit of fun on Fathers’ Day…

For little children:

Wake him up with a cup of tea or coffee and get the children to make daddy a crown, decorate dad’s armchair and encourage them to treat him like a King for the day – bowing to his every wish. Ok…so it may only last an hour or two but it’ll be good fun and very sweet!

For older children:

Daddy Races – Get the kids to come up with a range of games:board games, races in the garden, simple drawing competitions, computer games perhaps – and create their own Fathers’ Day Olympics. All dads love some healthy competition with their kids, right?!

For teenagers:

Get the teens to design and cook a meal for their dad. Very simple but so lovely to see them go to the effort of cooking. (This is a winner in our house for any special occasion!)

 If you’d rather make something. Then get inspired by these crafty ideas

Queen of Craft – Martha Stewart has a whole heap of ideas on her site. You can check them out here.

As well as the ever brilliant Pinterest that has a plethora of ideas. Some crazy and others very doable.

The Crafty Crow is an adorable little site packed full of ideas.

And….if you aren’t remotely crafty then you can’t go wrong with wrapping an old shoe box in paper and filling it with dad’s favourite treats – choccies, biscuits, a magazine about how to get a washboard stomach (perhaps put in the bottom of the box so the junk food can be enjoyed sans guilt), some nice tea bags, some comedy pants…if you really can’t resist!

Anyway beens as my boy is still very small we decided to keep it simple and make a card – of course we got messy – and here is the result:

Dads Card- Jordanna Marston Photography_0001

Dads Card- Jordanna Marston Photography_0003

Dads Card- Jordanna Marston Photography_0002

How cute is that?! And soooooo…simple. Very briefly for the real non arty types – splat hands on card, cut around, concertina some more card…stick together with a bit of tape and VOILA! Simples!

We would love to see your children’s or your efforts on our facebook page! Happy crafting!

Jordanna x