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Living in London is full of huge opportunity for kids … normally. During covid-19 isolation, when we are strictly limited to our houses, and you’ve got a kid who does sport every day normally in the huge parks and the world-class sports venues nearby, this is a little frustrating, especially as our garden is only about 50ft long. We haven’t cracked it, but here’s a few things that are making life easier and providing sport in small gardens …

The crazy catch is a god send. It enables children to play on their own, and the rebound facility means no two catches the same! It works with netballs, hockey ball, footballs or a tennis ball. Hours of fun and so many fun games to make up, such as rebound and then hit a target!

With dreams of sitting watching cricket, with the gentle sounds of the sound of leather on willow are seemingly very distant. Here’s the next best thing: A cricket ball attached to a string with your little darling improving their hand-eye coordination, with no chance of the ball going anywhere, and I’m sure the neighbours appreciate the sound too.

sport in small gardens

We’ve had many discussions about getting rid of our trampoline – thank god we didn’t. 50 sit drops and you can have a snack … you can see how conversations are going in our house.

What is more simple and more effective than a basketball hoop?! We managed to mount ours to the (rotting) pergola and hey presto! Hours of fun having shoot outs! I have to admit, I really enjoy shooting a few hoops …

The best game we have invented is a hockey drill: Setting up empty plant pots and dribbling around them to then try and score. Immense fun, active, and keeps those skills going! Hockey sticks and the ready!


One of the best things we have got is a mount to change our road bikes into training bikes, think spin at your own house! These aren’t cheap, but the kids are quite inspired to get on and have a blast. As am I, and I’ve even googled to see if there are some virtual bike rides so I can pretend I am cycling somewhere other than my garden!

What have you found to occupy the kids, keep them active and keep your sanity? I’d love to know!