I am an animal nut… and my two favourite models are my dogs, Digby and Jess. Here are a four simple pointers for making the most of photographing pets:

1. You are going to have to get your knees dirty! You need to be on their level to make the most of these cute expressions and to avoid yet another shot of the top of their head. Could prove tricky the smaller they are…

2.You will need to be patient. If your pets are anything like mine, just the sight of the camera has them up and away!

3. Apart from tortoises, most animals can move pretty quickly. If your camera has a sport mode you may want to use this, or a fast shutter speed if you are able to set that.

4. Try to avoid using flash. This may mean only taking pictures in good daylight, but even with cameras set to avoid ‘red eye’ pets eyes will become opaque or red if you are not careful. If you have a flash gun you can direct, bounce the flash from the ceiling or a wall to stop this happening.

Happy snapping!

Penny x