I think reaching the grand old age of 10 is a big deal and so for the first born’s 10th birthday I wanted to give her an experience rather than just a thing.

After much online searching, and of course some serious umming and ahhing, I decided on not throwing her out of a plane but instead buying her an Airkix experience, skydiving but indoors. It ticked all of my neurotic mother boxes ☑ Is it safe? ☑ Is it safe? ☑ Is it safe? but I also knew, or hoped, that she’d love it. Turns out she didn’t just love it, she’s seriously got the bug.Airkix - Truly Madly Kids

After I had booked her ticket online I then received an email with instructions, one of which was to fill in an ‘Assessment of Risk’ prior to arrival. We arrived at 9.30 for a 10.30 ‘flight time’ and check in was slick and easy. We were then shown the way to the viewing area to wait for her instructor. The undeniable whiff of testosterone was in the air as there were a few instructors in the wind tunnel practising some funky moves and it was all super impressive, it even had Scarlett a wee bit nervous about her upcoming flights. After an 8 minute DVD of do’s and do not’s it was time for her to get suited and booted whilst I returned to the viewing area to cheer her on. Watch her flight below…

For £29.00 Scarlett was given two flights and for an extra fiver she got to do the ‘Hi-Fly'(which in her own words was ‘totally awesome!’) and it took, from arrival to us leaving, about 1.5 hours. Probably not something I can afford the kids to do every day but just to see the look on her face was well worth every penny. Matt (or Maverick as I nicknamed him) had a great way with the kids and Scarlett is now planning her next flight but is insisting that I do it next time too. Oh, ok then.Airkix MattAirkix Certificate


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Think big and reach for the stars,





Disclaimer – I paid full price for entrance and the opinions are my own.


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