Being quite hairy I love the cooler days that Autumn brings and the opportunity to watch Big Ears chase pheasants while She Who Should Be Obeyed shouts at her not to. I love chasing conker cases that SWSBO throws, and not knowing which bit to go for when they break open and I just adore jumping into piles of leaves and burying myself so that I come out covered in slugs and all manner of horridness. All this fun comes at a price though… as it also means it is time for fireworks.

Big Ears and I spend quite a few evenings quaking under the dining room table and getting in a bit of a state about it. We like routine you see. We thrive on knowing what will happen next in our lives and when, out of nowhere, loud noises invade our sensitive lug holes, accompanied by strange flashing lights we don’t like it. Now I am fine with thunder and lightening, but there is something about fireworks that I really don’t like. They scare me.

Next Door sedate their pooches with some stuff from the vets. SWSBO is too mean in the money department to even consider this and has taken advice from Mandy, her friend who is a canine behavioural psychologist. She just ignores us.

This is to show us that there is nothing to be scared of and by carrying on normally we can see that our pack leader is not concerned and therefore there is no need to for to worry either.


Big Ears doesn’t want any fuss anyway, she just hides in her little den or cowers under the dining room table. Because I am a Terrier I like to contrary and insist on sitting on her feet shaking, or if she tries to be really normal and watch tv I have discovered that she finds it hard to ignore me if I stuff my head under her arm pit and whimper a bit. I’ll give her credit where credit is due, she doesn’t relent and I get no fuss, even when I try sitting on her lap, facing her and howling.

This year I must try harder.

So, in case you have pets of a nervous disposition like us, make sure you keep them indoors, ask your neighbours if they have any parties planned so you can prepare to ignore us, close the curtains and turn the music up. SWSBO was threatening to play us firework noises in the run up to November to make us feel more ‘normal’, but as usual has forgotten. Next Door will have their dogs doped, lolling about saying ,”Hey Man, what a great trip”.


Enjoy your parties, but do spare us a thought! Here is a great picture that Auntie Vix took of some fireworks for you to enjoy.

Woofs and things

Diggers Grrrr xxx