November is a month of remembrance – particularly of those who fell in the wars that have kept us free people. It also a time to remember those we no longer have in our lives. People who you love never leave your lives; you just don’t see them anymore.
Another thing that November makes us remember is that Christmas is just around the corner. Time to get writing those lists and manically entering the Christmas crush at the shops trying to get those much sought after toys-of-the-year. Only this morning, my best friend called to say had I seen a Barbie (from last year’s collection)? My goddaughter desperately wanted it and they were £75 on various selling sites. I nipped to our local, independent department stall, there was one left, at RRP. It pays to shop locally.
November has also made me remember my toys of old. Who remembers Day-to-night Barbie? Or Mr Frosty – the slush maker! I noticed on Twitter that Tesco had dedicated a whole hashtag to past presents with their followers opening a whole retro toy chest of past presents: My Little Pony, Spirograph, Subbeteo, Mousetrap and Operation all appearing.
Now to plan for the future Christmas – casually asking my children what they want for Christmas this year. Will I be fighting in the aisles for the last Furby Boom? And hoping my local supermarket won’t run out of Lindt Chocolate reindeers!
Now one last blast from the past: Did you have a bag like this?!