Red Velvet CakeI have wanted to make a Red Velvet cake for so very long and took my daughter’s 10th birthday as the perfect opportunity to do so. There are literally thousands of recipes all over the internet but I eventually decided to use this one by NigellaLawson, she actually made cupcakes but the recipe can be split between two 10 inch pans or use smaller for more layers. The cake turned out fabulously all but for one thing, the colour. If there are things you shouldn’t skimp on in life then food colouring is one of them. I used a whole bottle and it’s still nowhere near red enough! So. although not a complete #fail it’s not quite perfect.

The first born asked for Jelly Tots to be used to decorate and this cake used 3.5 family bags to cover it (and took AGES too!)Red Velvet Cake Red Velvet Cake Red Velvet Cake[stextbox id=”tmk-box”]Click HERE for Nigella’s Red Velvet Cake recipe [/stextbox]

Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix x

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