2013-11-04_0005Its no secret amongst people close to me that, when it comes to renovating houses, my two pet peeves are bathroom fans and radiators.

There is many a radiator that has thwarted my interior design efforts by being on the wrong wall or just on the only wall available. I have been known to not make an offer on a house due to the uttter horridness and location of the rads. Yes, they can be moved but a lot of the time there’s actually no better place to put them. Underfloor heating is, in my opinion, the very costly solution to end my sadness, however when renovating houses to make money it isn’t the most savviest of ideas.

Then along came some clever clogs to alleviate my radiator pain, RADWRAPS.

Such a simple idea that it’s impossible to wonder why it hasn’t actually been done before. It’s all remarkably easy.

1/ Choose an image from the Radwraps gallery or upload one of your own.

2/ Choose the size of Radwrap you need.

3/ Pay and await delivery.

4/ Take it out of it’s wrapping and attach it to that ugly looking rad.

If you can picture a very large fridge magnet then you’re most of the way to imagining what a RadWrap looks like. It’s not very thick and still lets 100% of the heat through it. Imagine transforming your bathroom, nursery, hallway or bedroom -it’s only your imagination that’s limiting the design possibilities.

A family business through and through, Radwraps have been working hard behind the scenes to secure a license to be able to print Liverpool and Manchester Utd designs. Are there any football fans in your household that would adore one of these?2013-11-04_0001

Not just limited to households either, the business uses are vast – decorate with your business slogan, seasonal message or special offer. Turn wasted white space into a money spinner!2013-11-04_0003 2013-11-04_0004 2013-11-04_0002


Just have a little wander around your house now and I bet ALL you can see are radiators staring back at you.

What’s your next move?

To order your own RADWRAP click HERE. Enter the code RAD25 at the checkout for an amazing 25% off for TMK readers!


Think big and reach for the stars,