Half term is upon us! Hooray! It is time to really relax – and tonight we had 3 things on our mind: Popcorn, snoopy and relaxing!

My kids are busy little things. Every evening, there are after school clubs, music lessons, dance session and swim lessons. Not to mention the time for homework, piano practice etc. You get the picture.

So now half term is here, there is going to be some serious chill time. We are kicking off the half term with a preview of Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie (it is released on DVD on the 30th May) and a big bowl of popcorn. I put the kids in charge of popcorn-making, and this is their recipe for the perfect bowl of popcorn:

  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Some butter
  • A few grinds of sea salt
  • Throw in some Randoms
  • Throw in some large chocolate buttons

Apparently, when you are 8 and 10 this is a winning combination.

Then to the movie. Ever since I was a small girl and I got a Snoopy money box, I’ve loved that amiable canine. There is something about Snoopy, which although in cartoon form, he  shows mindfulness and the bright side of life. I mean, who can’t love a Snoopy quote like this:

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Source: Pinterest

The film is the perfect way to introduce Snoopy and the gang to my kids. Personally, it was like stepping back in time: All the same characters with all the same charm. Remember, the teacher’s voice? Yep, still in there. Charlie Brown is still the slightly awkward, yet utterly loveable underdog, with his savvy sidekick Snoopy. The two characters both have similar stories that intertwine as they aim to get the girl in spite of all the odds against them. The film was pure nostalgia for me, and I loved it from the opening credits with Shroeder playing the piano!

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We made a little vlog, so you can see just what the children thought of the film. Safe to say, they gave it a massive thumbs up. Make sure you watch it to get their insight.


We’d love to know what you thought of the movie, do let us know.

Happy half term!

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