Here’s a little something for last-minute Dads, crafty kids and mums who don’t mind making their own Mothers’ Day card. This fun pop-out Mothers’ day card project is the first in a series of Print It & Make It projects, which I’ll be designing exclusively for Truly Madly Kids.

POP-UP-OCCASION-CARD, pop-out mothers' day card



  • A printed copy of the worksheets in this post
  • Two pieces of thick paper or card
  • Colouring-in weapons of choice
  • Scissors
  • Glue


This fun project is a great introduction to the world of paper cutting and pop-out card design. Once you’ve worked out how to make the perfect folding card stand, you can design your decorations for other occasions. And your cards will always be the coolest at birthday parties.

Download the worksheets, follow the instructions and don’t forget to post pictures of your finished cards on our Facebook page.

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Here’s one our Penny prepared earlier!

Penny card

Melissa x