When summer arrives in Skye there is only one place we want to go..the beach..and what a beach it is. A 15 minute stroll from our house twice a day the sea washes away and leaves us an expanse of pristine sand, just right for running on, jumping in, building sandcastles with and picnicing on. Normally, on our walk to the beach Mummy becomes a beast of burden carting a huge beach bag of towels, wet suit, snacks, sunscreen, the kitchen sink, as I have never found a way of persuading my little people that it is cool to carry your own stuff ..really it is.. Until now.


The lovely people at Trunki, makers of the rather wonderful animal themed wheeled cases for kids, sent us their brand new PaddlePak to try out. This was torture for Kate (aged 5 going on 20) as the pak arrived in the worst spell of weather we have had for some time and we had no reason to visit the beach. Each morning she would grab her purple Octopus PaddlePak, stuff it full of beach accessories (including quite a number of cuddly toys and dolls) and then go and stare, rather forlornly at the raindrops teaming down the windows. “Maybe tomorrow Mummy ” she would say  philosopically while she put her pak back in pride of place on her shelf. Then, finally, at last a spell of glorious summer weather hit Skye and we were at the beach every day for a fortnight. 2013-06-10_0002

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The Paddlepak has been put through a rigorous testing regime by Miss Kate and after rubbing sand in it, body boarding with it, dragging it through puddles, taking it to school Gala day (the little zipped money pocket on the bottom being most useful!) and generally loving it in the way only a 5 year old can. It still looks brand new. The Pak now goes to swimming lessons, picnics and frankly anywhere Miss Kate can think of a reason to take a bag. And I haven’t had to carry on extra item. Perfect.

We have a Paddle Pak to giveaway. For details head on over to our facebook page  and then email your answer to rosie@trulymadlykids.co.uk by 5pm on Friday 28th June.

Rosie x

Shot on location at the fabulous Ashaig beach, Isle of Skye.

 Images by Rosie at Love Skye Photography and Andrew at Landscapes365

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