Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you all had merry and bright Christmases and that you are ready to take on 2016.

2015 was a great year for TMK, not only did we collaborate with great brands such as Canvas Holidays, Wychwood Festival and All by Mama, but we also saw our posts published in the Huff Post! We continued to be featured by Mumsnet, Britmums and Tots100, so thank you to all of you who read, supported and shared our posts! For your delectation, here our ten most read posts.

1. The number one post was Megan’s review of The Bedruthan Hotel in Cornwall. Many of our readers are families with young children, and finding those perfect family hotels so you can having something resembling a holiday are hard to find! But Bedruthan is one of them …

mawgan porth sunset, bedruthan hotel sunset, bedruthan steps hotel sunset

2. Next up was Megan’s post why she loves living in Tooting. It clearly struck a note with those readers who live nearby!

Tooting broadway

3. Working with Mumsnet, Megan reviewed the incredible Kidzania in Westfield, London. If you haven’t heard of this place before, it is something else! Take a read of what Megan and her kids thought.

kidzania westfield, kidzania,

4. This post is by our lovely guest poster, Jo Blackwell, who was blown away by your responses by her letter to her daughters. I defy you to get to the end of it, without a tear in your eye!

Jo Blackwell Writer, Blogger and Photographer

Me and my wanderer

5. Surprisingly lots of our readers like cake. And Gin. So when guest poster, Penny, put the two together it was post magic! See her recipe here and maybe forget the New Year’s diet for a bit …
gin and tonic drizzle cake,

6. Jo is back again. This time, her sons received a heartfelt letter. A simply beautiful post.

Jo Blackwell, Photographer, Writer and Blogger

Me and my boys at my 50th birthday party

7. This is a perennial favourite with our readers, still riding high in our rankings is Rosie’s review of the Katie Morag series on CBBC

Katie Morag

8. We all experience family dilemmas, and as the TMK juniors grow we encounter new issues such as how to teach them financial management. Vix and Scarlett’s thoughts on the Osper debit card for kids proved very popular.

Prosper with Osper

9. Carrying on with pocket money issues, Megan tackled how she should be giving Caitlin pocket money? Should she be made to work for it?

giving children pocket money, kids doing chores for pocket money, learning the worth of money

10. The last in our 2015 top ten, was Vix’s AMAZING rainbow cake. Just go and look at it, and see that amazing is possibly not a strong enough word.

rainbow cake,

Of course, these were just the most read posts, there were many other brilliant posts, such as Nat’s amazing travel journal to Vietnam, Rosie’s encounter with Highland Cows, and Melissa’s breathtaking photography of her children enjoying the ‘ordinary moments‘ and of course, one Megan was very proud of was finally getting body confident and wearing her bikini with pride!

Do let us know which were your favourite posts this year, and see you back soon for more great posts!