That’s January done! Personally, it’s been a long, drab grey month. Quite glad it’s over and time to move onto February, which is just a teeny step closer to spring. January is, of course, the start of the year and we kicked off the year with sharing with you are top ten most read posts from 2015. Thank you as ever for reading and supporting our blog.

It has been a busy month on the blog, which was rightly dominated by Rosie’s trip to Jordan with World Vision UK as part of the #barefootcoatless campaign. I am quite sure we are all aware of the refugee situation resulting from war within Syria, however the massive scale of it is often hard to comprehend, and at times, hard to digest. Rosie did an outstanding job at showing us the human situation of this crisis. Her posts are heartbreaking, at times full of joy and hope but they also bought incredible perspective to the situation. As ever, her wonderful photography helped illustrate these people and their plight. As Nell from Pigeon Pair and Me said,

‘Every parent has dreams and expectations for their family; how devastating to see those dreams shattered.’

Please take time to read these posts and also the wonderful work World Vision UK are doing in the area.

Why Rosie travelled to Jordan

Jordan 1-15

Monday in Jordan

Jordan day 2-3

Friendships amidst adversity

Jordan day 2-9

Wednesday Heartbreaker

Playing Football in the Desert


Vix and her girls became Bostik Bloggers this year. Each month they will receive supplies from Bostik and create a craft to share with all. This month was all about love and a rather lovely Valentine’s craft. I particularly like that the girls took control and Vix struggled a little with this:

“It’s actually quite difficult sitting on the other side of the room whilst there is crafting mayhem happening a few feet away.”

Bostik Blogger

Lastly, Megan gave her thoughts on Internet Safety, and whilst we are merrily banning our kids from social sites should we maybe examine how we use them?

Learning to use social media and the internet is an ongoing process for everyone, including the parents.

Do let us know which posts you enjoyed last month, and have a great February!