Last week was just amazing! Thank you to all your wonderful people who linked up your World Book posts either here or on Facebook! It was fabulous to see so many! As ever, we have picked two favourites, and this week, we have selected Melinda’s Captain Hook (see HERE) and also Rainbeau Belle’s Puss in Boots! (See HERE) But to be fair, I could have picked them all – so many fab outfits. See them HERE

This week, for Image of The Week, the very talented Melissa is back, with her ordinary moments photography and how using a pet and a woodland walk can be the most wonderful photo story. Be inspired! Please do come and link blog posts with any image(s) or instagrams. There is no theme – just an image or series of images you love.

Following on from my recent post about capturing ordinary moments, I’ve been even more determined to take my camera along to capture some chilled out family time. So this is Bramble. Unlike most dogs, she has an actual job to go to. Six days a week she works at a hotel here in lovely Cornwall, that my other half runs. They take her for walks. She gets grumpy. She even has her own diary. By the weekend, she’s had enough. So Sundays are for her. Swimming, muddy walks and lying in front of the fire.

Walking in the woods is a great opportunity to capture some unusual images. Obviously having a pet makes it easy, but even walking along as a family gives you lots of opportunity to focus on little feet and hands exploring. Look out for chances to focus on details (like the muddy boots on the swing below) rather that always shooting faces. Seek out textures – moss, leaves, plants lit up by sunlight, branches silhouetted against the sky.

My favourite image below, is where I have tucked myself away shot a glimpse of Lily through the trees. If you’re lucky enough to have sunshine, get down low and let it shine through the trees, giving that beautiful sunny flare. Even the most ordinary-seeming walk is an opportunity to experiment and capture some beautiful family moments.

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0017

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0016

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0015

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0014

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0013

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0012

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0011

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0010

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0009

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0008

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0007

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0006

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See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0004

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See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0002

See The Ordinary - Feb 2015_0001

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