It’s no secret that at Truly Madly Kids we like to craft. Anything arty, paint splashy, glue spready and/or floury – well, it’s right up our street. Sometimes, it doesn’t go quite as we planned and we call those our  “Nailed it!” projects. The Skye contingent of TMK thought you would like to see one of those projects from this weekend.

Little Miss TMK (otherwise known as Lil’ Miss Decibels) had a birthday recently and had been saving one of the crafty presents from her Aunty Lesley. We thought we would give it a looks simple, right?2013-05-20_0005 was a little more tricky than we had anticipated. Particularly when gluey little fingers got stuck on the bunnies’ heads… the chick’s beak ended up in entirely the wrong spot and our spaniel ran off with the bunny’s goggly eyes stuck to his ear…. Bad mummy that I am I laughed and laughed..and then took some photos. 2013-05-20_0002 2013-05-20_0003 2013-05-20_0004

Shh please don’t tell the children I shared this project!


Rosie x