2013-09-15_0007We LOVE Halloween. Not just the dressing up, trick or treating and feeling sick from eating all the candy, but the decorating of the house and making some tasty ghouly treats.

The first in our list of Halloween how to’s are these fab and super tasty Mummified Oreo Cookies. We were inspired by a recipe we’d seen on Pinterest but hadn’t a clue what one of the ingredients even was, so we modified and changed ingredients for ones we actually knew and this is what we came up with…

2013-09-15_0006YOU WILL NEED:

1 packet of OREO cookies (14 in a pack)

2 family packets of Milky Way Chocolate Buttons

14 lollipop sticks (click the link to buy these at Hobbycraft)

30 Skittles or similar sweets for the eyes

Icing for the bandages

The willpower of a saint not to scoff any of above mentioned ingredients during production



Quite simply start by poking a lollipop stick into the creamy, tasty centre of the Oreo Cookie. Be very careful when doing this as sometimes the biscuit separates from the filling – if this happens schmush up the filling and replace – GENTLEY.

Next melt the Milky Bars or Milky Buttons in a dish in the microwave, do this in 15 second increments, take out and stir. Be careful at this part as it’s quite easy to overmelt and start to cook the chocolate,which in turn makes it unfit for adorning cookies with and must then be consumed in front of Sunday movie. Holding the lollipop stick coat the Oreo in the white chocolate by either dunking or spooning. Once the Oreo is fully coated then let any drippage fall back into the bowl and then place on a board, covered in greaseproof paper, to dry.

Once the chocolate has hardened it’s time to mix some icing sugar and water together and drizzle over the newly coated cookies to make it look like bandages. Ours, as you can see, was a little bit too watery but this was a one take deal!

Use an edible ink pen to draw eyes on the Skittles and fix them to the Oreo with a little spot of icing.

Put them all in the fridge to set and after about an hour take out and scoff.2013-09-15_0003 2013-09-15_0004 2013-09-15_0002 2013-09-15_0005 2013-09-15_0006

It was a unanimous decision that these tasted EPIC – in fact next to EPIC in the dictionary you will find a picture of these bad boys. The kids will love to make these and I’m sure you will too.

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!!!

Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix x