A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be introduced to All by Mamas and have guest blogger, Caroline, a origami artist, give us a Valentine’s craft to do at home with the children. All by Mama is an online market place displaying the wonderful wares of creative mums who are at home balancing childcare and creating wonderful hand made pieces, All by Mama gives them a place to sell. TMK love to support working women and their small businesses, and even more working women helping other working women, therefore we have had scan of their lovely products and these are top five we would love to receive. If any take your fancy, simply click on the heading title to take you to the online shop!

1. Sniffy Wiffy Body Scrub

I recently blogged about having itchy, dull winter skin, and had I known about this lovely product, I would have added it to my list. With a maximum of five ingredients, it is a simple and effective solution. Added to that, it comes with a guide to help give a breast examination whilst you are in the shower or bath. There are lots of lovely different flavours (including Christmas cake!) but I quite fancy the lemon grass and lime! Added to this, a proportion of the sale is given as a donation to the wonderful charity Coppa Feel. 

sniffy whiffy, all by mama, coppafeel body scrub

2. Family Tree Pendant – Little Treasures Keepsakes

We all love our kids and we all love a piece of jewellery. This lovely pendant has a gorgeous tree design and can then be personalised with wording, names and dates (up to  24 characters). This is a delightful keepsake.

Little Treasures Keepsake, Family pendant, all by mama

3. Lucia Oliver Candles 

I am a complete sucker for a scented candle: especially when I am lying in a bubble bath with perhaps a glass of something nice on the go. Therefore, when I saw this divine looking candle on the site, they had to go on my list. Each candle is handmade with natural wax, a cotton wick and bespoke fragrances. All the fragrances sound like they’d be heavenly scented, but I love the richer, decadent smells, so on my wish list is the fig, cassis and sandalwood. This product is beautifully packaged and  shouts luxury which is perfect for Mother’s day.


lucia oliver candle, all by mama

 4. Caravan Cushion

I have spent many a time, lying on the sofa with my head propped up on a cushion while a child doesn’t sleep, got me up to early and I am struggling to watch CBeebies or Peppa, or indeed when the darlings are asleep and I am flopped on the sofa. Therefore, the cushion is all important in our household. I loved this quirky caravan cushion – a fun print with a very practical use!

caravan cushion

5. Drink Wine Notepad Cover

As I blogger, I carry about a note book with me: Inspiration for blog posts comes to me at the most random of times! Therefore, when I saw this cute little notepad cover with the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Drink Wine’, well it would be perfect for me. Also, at £7 this is a nice one that a child could buy will their accumulated pennies.

keep calm and drink wine note cover, all by mama

This is just a small selection of the beautiful gifts on sale at All by Mama. For more inspiration please visit HERE

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