I LOVE Christmas!

There are balls to be knocked off the tree that magically appears in the house… Imagine that! A tree in the house! There are things that sparkle, lights that twinkle and everything just seems more exciting.

I learned last year that watering the Christmas tree (so that everyone knows it is mine) is a really bad idea….


Putting chocolates on or under the tree is also a very bad idea as we woofers love chocolate. Sadly it makes us ill, and I have heard of some dogs, especially little ones, that have died after tucking into the Thorntons while everyone is out. Not so well known is that grapes are poisonous to us as well, not just the fresh ones, but sultanas, currants and raisins too, which means that Christmas pudding and mince pies are off the menu too.

The bad thing about Christmas is the photoshoot that She Who Should Be Obeyed insists upon each year for next year’s cards. It’s an afternoon of being dressed up in stupid clothes and much shouting as Jess and I refuse to sit next to each other, look in the right direction or remove all the silly hats and scarves we she seems to love…. I have added some examples in this post. This year we have matching Christmas jumpers on the assumption that we can’t take them off… but we will be required to sit next to each other… I can hardly wait!


So, that’s it from me for this year! I hope you enjoy your chocolates, Christmas puds, mince pies and take your hairy hounds on lots and lots of lovely walks!


Diggers xxx