I’ve travelled all over the world but for some god forsaken reason I’ve never been to Spain. Family holidays when I was young eschewed the Costas for the rugged delights and bracing weather of the north west of Scotland (where I now live so I must have enjoyed it!). When I started to travel independently I flew straight over Spain and started my backpacking hippy style in the Greek islands. Recently, a love affair with Barcelona has opened my eyes to the potential delights of Spain and her islands particularly Menorca after Megan waxed lyrical about her trip.

Family holiday planning

In the interests of full disclosure I am not a planner! Nor much of a details person. My approach to the summer family holiday is either to build a holiday round somewhere that I am lucky enough to be photographing a wedding or to book out some time in the family diary then sit back and think job done. About 2 weeks before hand I realise that I actually need to book flights and accommodation. I then glue myself for google for a day demanding A) endless coffee and b) that my family give me a wide birth until the job is done. Strangely it works! Firstly, I look for flights and discover where is still available and then I hit the villa sites with a frenzy. Last summer I found a fantastic bargain on the Solmar Villas site and the company were excellent to deal with. 10 days later we were off to Cala Galdana in Menorca.

Cala Galdana

It is simply bliss for a relaxed family holiday. On Menorca’s south coast it is a still small village, genteely developed around a beautiful sandy bay sheltered by stunning cliffs and almost completely enclosed from the open sea. It was a classic days by the pool or beach holiday with competitions to see who could eat the most gelato.I even got the chance to lace up on a couple of mornings and run down to the beach before the holidaymakers had finished breakfast. Evenings were spent in very family friendly Spanish restaurants and playing crazy golf. I swear that the dinner time wines were not nearly as much to blame for my poor putting as was my very long maxi dress.

A short drive from Cala Galdana is the old capital of Menorca,┬áCiutadella de Menorca. This satisfied the children’s need to explore the old towns alleyways and gawp and the array of tourist trinkets for sale, while we loved sitting out late at night in the old towns squares and by the quayside with a large beer and a very contented smile on our faces.

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