Ah, finally the fantastic weather is here and so are the school inset days. Any day without a school run is always a good day.

I’d scheduled in for the kids and I to do this melty crayon picture come rain or shine, so with the sun belting down, we moved all the crafting paraphernalia into the garden and got to work.

2013-06-03_0008I suppose there are plenty of ways to actually make this, in fact the easiest way is to buy a canvas of any size and stick the crayons directly onto it but I knew this was going on the wall and just wanted something a bit different.

We cut down a piece of hessian and glued it onto a board that just so happens to fit into a frame that goes with me to every photobooth event I do. It’s time to put it into retirement so I thought a fitting end would be to adorn our wall with innards of colourful, waxy meltiness.

You will need….

Lots of wax crayons (the pound shop wins hands down for these)

A Glue Gun

Asbestos fingers (watch out for that glue gun, trust me, I KNOW)

Sticky tape (this is to pull the fluff off your clothes if you choose the hessian option)

Canvas or board with a frame

Crafting heat gun or hairdryer



Do what you feel! Stick the crayons, using the glue gun, onto your surface then get your heat gun and melt those suckers as much or as little as you want. Be careful not to keep that heat source in one area for too long, we had a few smoking incidents but the kids regained control whilst, once again, I was playing Candy Crush. Ahem.



The kids are THRILLED with the results and I am too. The only thing you’ve got to be careful with is that when you pick it up make sure to hold it by the edges, the wax, when melted is very crispy and after all your hard work I’d hate for a big chunk to snap off.

If you try this at home will you send me pictures? Good or bad! If it’s bad it can go in our ‘Nailed It’ section, lol! Send to Vix@trulymadlykids.co.uk

Think big and reach for the stars,